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Legal translations
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The process of translation is riddled with bottlenecks because, apart from languages, institutions and legislation are also involved. Quite often, an institution that exists in one legal system does not exist in the other, or the same word means diverse things in different systems which in many cases necessitates translation for international businesses.
We have great experience in offering legal translation services for many legal documents.  Using our services you can be sure your documents will be translated in highest accuracy as we chose the most suitable linguists who are highly competent in both the relevant system and legal subject area.
We cover administrative, corporate, criminal, family, civil, health and safety and immigration law.
Some of the regular translation service provided by our linguists in the legal sector are:
* Birth/Marriage/Death certificates
* Wills
* Contracts
* Bonds
* Articles of incorporation
* Trusts
* Depositions
* Trusts
* Litigation documents
* Immigration documents
* Property/exhibit labels

We understand your need for an accurate, speedy and tailored delivery into your required languages at fair price, keeping safe your corporate secrets.
Give us a call on +38(0562) 31-99-16 to discuss your individual requirements with our linguistic experts or send us a brief email at…